Source Code

Contribute with BIPES!

BIPES is an Open Source Project with General Public Licence (GPL) and is based / integrates several other open tools, such as Google Blockly and others. The main source code for BIPES is divided in 3 repositories below.

Block based User Interface and Code Generator

Main BIPES code. Source codes are available at github:

Current online interface - beta:

Future UI version:


Optional code, allowing the execution of a Python Interactive console over a WebSocket connection. Using this server, the blocks are automatically translated into Python code, sent to a Linux based device, and executed from the blocks.

Source codes are available at github:


Optional code, which allows a USB device, such as ESP32, ESP8266 or mBed boards to be controlled / prorammed from the BIPES web application. Basically, this software receives a WebSocket connection from the browser and translates into USB-Serial communication. In the future, this will also integrate actions to bufn firmware using esptool and avrdude.

Source codes are available at github:

Softwares used/adapted for BIPES Project

Google Blockly
WebREPL from MicroPython project
CodeMirror HTML text editor

Related / similar projects

TUNIOT for ESP8266
Blopy (Blockly + Python)
Microsoft MakeCode